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9 Jan 2018 Lagos, Nigeria

A New Year calls for a new take or new eye on different aspects of my life. 
Over the New Year holiday, I decided to cast my ‘new eye’ over my wardrobe and in the midst of getting rid of clothes I’ve had for over 10yrs amongst others I found these again – a red blouse and multi-coloured skirt. I got these from Elsie Vintage about 4 years ago or thereabouts.

I hadn’t them worn together in a while mainly because I’ve added weight and the sleeveless blouse looks less than flattering I think – or not.
Deciding to pair them together along with a black pair of thrifted pumps, I gave Aimuan the camera and told him he could do whatever he wanted, lol. He didn’t do too badly if you ask me. I’m just so stiff in front of the camera *shaking my head*.

This year, I’m going to be embracing more vintage style fashion. I’ve missed it a lot and gone all modern. But as my hair grows back, I need to get back to it before I’m totally lost.

I'm thinking I should start posting more of my vintage work looks. What do you think?

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