The 3 Things I Learned While Taking New Personal Brand Photos


Being an introvert seems to automatically have the headline Life is hard written across your forehead. 
To be honest, sometimes that is the case and at other times, it really isn't. 

One of the times when it is super hard for me as an introvert is when it comes to taking pictures. Considering my personal brand, it is imperative, I have a visual identity and taking my pictures by myself, all the time, may not be the right approach. 

Anyway, I dug in my heels, swallowed, planned ahead and decided it was time to take a step forward. So I planned a photoshoot with Frank Lenz

As you know, I always take something away from every new experience and here are the 3 things I learned this time around:

Putting Yourself Out There Feels Good Because It's Giving Value

As an introvert, my entire being is screaming as I write that sub-heading but it is the truth. As much as introverts don't like to be in the spotlight, recognition and the value, our work brings to others, gives forth a glow. This time around, there were just 2 other people and I had spent days worrying about how the pictures would look, but it felt good as my introvert brain processed it as an opportunity for Frank to grow his portfolio and more of me giving him value than the other way around (we introverts are self-sacrificing A LOT of the time)

It is Possible to Experience Something New without Being Exhausted 

I think I speak for a lot of introverts when I say being sapped of all your mental and emotional energy is not a nice feeling at all. It literally makes you limp. But at this photoshoot, I experienced the new feeling of someone else taking pictures of me but at the end of it all, I didn't feel mentally exhausted. This was new and here is why - Frank made me comfortable because I comunicated to him the challenges I had with pictures and how uneasy I usually am in front of other people when I'm in front of the camera. 

Being Open to Different Experiences Doesn't Make You Someone Else

Sometimes introverts envy extroverts. I'll tell you here and now that I envy extroverts and how they can so easily put themselves out there and be the centre of attention without needing to think or plan ahead. Wanting to learn some of their behaviours doesn't make me less of introvert or less of myself. It just means I'm curious, open to learning and human. 

After all is said and done, Frank did a great job and I daresay, I was brave for my first time in front of the camera. I think I'm looking forward to doing this again definitely.

Which of the pictures is your favourite?

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