5 Products in the Ewami Way of Life. The Ewami Essential Mini Series Pack of 5


If you have watched even one episode of my IG Reels series Products I'm Loving Now, then you already know that some of these have been featured in that series and it was such a long time ago, lol.  I owe you an apology for only just coming round to review the entire Ewami Skincare minis I purchased.

Before we dive into a review of the 5 products, let's first check out what the series episode on Ewami Essentials was about

As you can see, I didn't talk about all the products in the minis collection, but in this post you are in for a treat because I'll be sharing the pros and cons of all 5 of Ewami products which I would say are the foundation of any and every good skincare routine, no matter how basic that routine is.

Let us begin

Ewami Body Wash

Every great skincare routine begins first with Cleanse

Starting off with the Body Wash, you will notice it didn't feature in the PILN video because I didn't love it at all. 

The first thing about this mini version is the fact that the product didn't come out. It is supposed to be a squeeze bottle but it's either the product was too thick or the hole too small or the bottle too hard. I skipped all that by unscrewing the cap entirely and pouring the product into my hand.

Then it hit me, the strong, sticky sweet smell. 
If you know me, then you know I'm not a fan of strong smells in the bathroom. For perfumes, yes. But for cleansing products, no thank you.

The product lathers well, but that is as far as I got before I gave it to someone else to use on my behalf.

Ewami Refresh & Balance Toner

This was my first experience of spraying product on my face and I absolutely loved it.

This toner is everything it says it is. It is refreshing and hydrating. I can spray it on my face continuously (maybe that's even why it finished quickly). 

At the time of using this product, I had grown used to applying drops of toner directly to my palm and pressing into my face so this was a big change from that for me. I had tried spraying it into my palm and still pressing it into my skin, but it didn't quite turn out right so I determined that I was going to try and get used to spraying it. 

I had to use like 5 spritzes to cover my entire face and then I would use my hands to press it into my skin. This toner really does refresh and soothe and calm the skin. 

Ewami Clarifying Body Oil

If there was ever an example of 'lightweight' oil, this is it.

I love this body oil!
I just thought we should establish that first, lol.

While another brand had the not-so-pleasant task of weaning me onto body oils, I think this Ewami body oil stole my heart with its super lightweight formula and fragrance. I really loved using this product and was sad when it finished. 

It is amazing how no matter how dry your skin is after leaving it to dry after a bath, this oil can still be applied smoothly without the usual oil or body butter struggle experienced with other brands. 

Ewami Claire Mask

I should show you a video first

I think this face mask scarred me, but I'm still willing to give face masks, in general, a try. 

I'm certain there are no exaggerations here but the fact that the mask literally stained everywhere put me off and I wasn't enthusiastic about trying it again. 

Like I said in the video, it did give an initial nice feeling on the face after wash off, but since I haven't tried it again after that, I'll stop right here.

Ewami Micro Polish

I really think you should check out my extensive body scrubs review to fully understand my thoughts about this product

Apart from the weird application style best suited to it, I'm still undecided as to the final results after usage. This is keeping in mind the fact that although tiny, the granules can somewhat be harsh on the skin. 

I definitely wouldn't recommend this for people with sensitive skin. Considering how similar it is to a micro-dermabrasion treatment, I'm actually not surprised because they also tend to be harsh to the skin sometimes too.

Overall, the Ewami Essentials Mini Series Pack of 5 is a solid 2.5/5 with the micro-polish being the .5 in this equation.

Do you agree with me?

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