3 Easy Ways to Rock The BlackUp No Transfer Kohl Waterproof Pencil


Being a lover of vintage fashion and some vintage beauty techniques, it is safe to say that I love colour. When it comes to my makeup though, I'm a bit more cautious with it than I am with my clothes. I rarely splash colour on my face because I believe that makeup should be an extension and an enhancement of your natural beauty and not make you look like a totally different person. 

This is the reason why when I'm faced with a colour makeup product like eyeshadow, pencil, blush or even lipstick, I try to think up a hundred ways to wear it, literally.

That's exactly what I did when I received the BlackUp No Transfer Kohl Waterproof pencil in a PR package...I figured out a couple of ways to wear it. 

Here are 3 ways I found to wear it:

  1. Eyeliner: we all love the classic winged liner look but how about trying it with a coloured pencil? Genius! It gives the eyes the kind of pop that a regular black winged liner look can't. The best part is that this look can absolutely be rocked very, very alone or paired with eyeshadow for extra pizzazz.
  2. Graphic Liner: I've always been too shy to wear a graphic look on my eyes but the graphic liner look is another perfect way to rock the BlackUp No Transfer Kohl Waterproof pencil. It won't move, it won't budge and will definitely be a struggle to take off cos it wants to be there all day and into the night, lol.
  3. Waterline Liner: for those like me who like to wear what I term 'discreet colour' on their eyes, this is the perfect way to wear the BlackUp Kohl Pencil. Because of the absolute colour pop, the look isn't so discreet, but it's not as loud as the other 2 options so I wear this style more than the others. It's also perfect for day wear whereas the others are more for outing purposes.

Although I received the pencil in a vibrant blue colour, I bet that all the shades of this pencil are just as gorgeous and just as pigmented as this one.

How would you wear it if you didn't want to choose from any of the above 3 ways I rock this pencil?

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