Inspire | Become the Master of your Cell Phone by Shannon Ables

If we aren't careful, that itsy bitsy little thing called a mobile phone will be the death of us. We are all guilty of misusing it, yes, even me. Getting control of it is something we all have to learn. For Pete's sake we should be controlling it and not the other way round. 
For me, it doesn't held my introverted nature either 'cos I just turn to my phone when I'm too shy to speak or don't know anyone around. When this article turned up on Shannon's blog, I knew she had me in mind.

Inspire | 9 Qualities of Remarkably Confident People by Jeff Haden

I wouldn't exactly call myself confident as I'm quite more of the introvert than anything else and while we are sure of our abilities, we don't like to interact much. But when I do have to face people, I do with a lot of panache and people rarely believe that I'm shy in anyway. In fact, I have been told that I'm great company and that after meeting me for the first time or chatting online, they feel like they have known me forever. Perhaps, I do possess some of the qualities of a confident person outlined by Jeff Haden in this post 

Inspire | 13 Beauty Mistakes Everyone Makes At Least Once by Heather Cichowski

Beauty mistakes, beauty mistakes? I've genuinely been trying to remember what beauty mistakes I've made asides the one time I used a foundation that was too red, the other time the foundation was too light, that one time when my lip liner wasn't blended in properly, what of that time when I tried to use do an ombre lip and it ended up looking like a can of coloured soup and some others...but I genuinely can't remember the beauty mistakes I've ever made. Guess that's why I'm a pro now right?
Anyway, there are those who make mistakes all the time and it is usually within any of these and pretty often too.

Inspire | 13 Ways to Cultivate True Wealth by Shannon Ables

As a newbie in business, I must say that money matters are not my forte.....AT ALL.... However, being with business minded people like my mentor Eryca Freemantle, business associates and generally those who value my skills, talents and worth has helped a lot in developing my mastery of money as a business person. Even though money talk and any reference to wealth is usually directed towards business people, daily habits as a regular individual is also key to living a fulfilled and purposeful life....Shannon Ables agrees with me in this post. Most importantly though, True Wealth is a state of mind.