Review | 3 Reasons to use the Fashion Fair Cover Tone Concealer

2 Apr 2015

I rarely use concealers and even when I do, it is sparingly or for a Client who is specifically requesting for under-eye concealing. I recently suffered a serious outbreak around my jaw and chin and considering that my foundation application is usually light, the uneven complexion and numerous spots showed through it. After answering series of questions about it, I eventually decided that perhaps it was time to get a concealer.

I needed an absolutely full coverage concealer and couldn't think of any brand of concealer I wanted to try apart from Fashion Fair so I ended up at Gifty's Daughter and I got this.
I've obviously used the heck out of it as you can see from the pictures but it is just what I needed and has served it's purpose right. Not being a concealer person, I figured there were people out there who like me weren't really into concealers too so I decided to share 3 things I have learned about concealers from this baby (all from my own point of view of course)
  1. Full coverage. When they said full coverage they weren't kidding. One layer of this concealer with a flat foundation brush is usually all I need. It's also perfect for use on the body to cover tatoos or skin discolourations too.
  2. Waterproof. I'm not sure what they intended and maybe they stumbled on it accidentally or weren't quite sure and so didn't put it on the pack but it is a waterproof concealer for me. It doesn't budge or move unless I apply mild pressure to my skin when taking it off.
  3. Pigmented. This somewhat tied to the first point but I have seen full coverage concealers that I had to apply several layers on but for this, 3 layers at most is enough to cover my entire under jaw and chin area. A swipe is perfect for my under-eye area. This means I get to use this product for a really long time.
You can purchase the Fashion Fair Cover Tone concealer from any of the Gifty's Daughter stores in Nigeria or here


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