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14 Apr 2015

Life is full of little somethings and big somethings. A little of something ends up being too little but a lot of something.....does it ever end up being too much?

On this fateful day......., I know they say anything can happen any time but really, is there a way we can be forewarned so we are prepared. Wonder if anyone can tell me the wrong or right answer to that.
Remember that story of the lady who met her husband on the road? I don't, but perhaps her story goes like this.

It is my pleasure to present to you this beautiful fashion story about that fateful day...
the computers were off, the lights were out and it was time to go home. stepping out of the office with the doors locking behind me and almost tripping over my nude pumps I stopped to ask myself
I would love to include behind-the-scenes images of Misan's light falling down, the 30 pairs of eyes on me, me almost stumbling in my heels and Misan saying "go back, let's do it again" about 20 times...but alas, I was too nervous and engrossed in trying to walk in them heels and ignore the pairs of eyes. Thanks to my dear friend - Chuka for being part of this lovely fashion story and of course, Joel Lani for sending me this lovely tote to style.

Photography - Orighomisan
Styling - Barbara
Models - Barbara & Chuka
Top - random grey tee
Skirt - Elsie Vintage
Tote bag - Joel Lani
Choker - +ASOS 
Pumps - +ASOS 
Earrings - Vintage earrings
Bangles - Gift from mum

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