Updating Your Everyday Look? Easy, Peasy, Here's 10 Ways

10 Apr 2015

Don’t you get tired of wearing the same look every day? Makeup should be fun, spontaneous, attractive and easy-to-wear. If we are tired of seeing you wear the same shade of pink MAC lip gloss year in and year out, it wouldn’t be fair for us to not provide you with alternatives.

Here are a few ideas on how you can update your daily makeup look:
1. Colour the lines: coloured pencils are a great way to change up your look. Apply them on the small fleshy line on the lower inside eye area waterline and see an instant transformation.
2. Your lashes are yours: lashes are meant to frame the eyes. Well applied mascara gives the appearance of wide and bright eyes. Switch black or brown mascara with coloured ones every couple of days to keep your look fresh.
3. Go deep: step away from the nude, neutral and light pink lip glosses, take a walk on the path of courage and whip out that berry, purple or wine coloured lipstick. That is sure to make a statement.
4. Blush your way through the day: a light, clean sweep of bright pink blush is sure to keep you bright cheeked throughout the day.
5 .Smokes work: whoever said smokey eyes were meant for nights on the town is obviously old fashioned. Smoke your eyes with shades of brown for an updated daytime look.
6. Just wing it: ever wondered what would happen if you extended your eyeliner a wee bit past the edge of your eyes? A lift off is what. Winged liners give the eyes a raised look which is sure to draw attention to them.
7. Let them grow: there is nothing like well groomed, full brows, leaving the brows to grow naturally and tracing this natural curvature brings out their innate beauty. Always remember that they are sisters and not twins. There is something about stand-out brows that makes the face irresistible.
8. Let it shine: gloss it up, I say. Gloss it up. Finish up your lips by applying lipgloss only to the centre of your lower lips, smack both lips together and experience what it means to have a full-on sexy pout.
9. Brighten it up: pinks, oranges, yellows and even metallics are great for an updated look. Pink or Orange lipstick will definitely bring you second looks.Yellows are great for lining the upper lashline and metallic eyeshadow is great for bringing shine to the eyelids.
10. Do glow: load up on highlighter and glow. My favourite of course is shimmer bronzer which when applied to the upper cheekbones gives your face a strategic glow. 
Don’t say we didn’t tell you.

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