(1923|Guest|Post) 2014's Vintage & Leather Fashion Trends

The protagonists of 2014’s trends will be two and will be huge: vintage style and leather. 
Vintage is one of those fashion trends that, even though old, are never truly old. Some of the best pieces of vintage can be found at the bottom of our closets, pawn shops and second hand accessories in free-classifieds sites, not to mention leather accessories! That’s why it won’t only be particularly easy to find things we like and that suit us, but it will be a trend that will also allow us to keep it cheap. This is also because this year’s vintage will be a little “less vintage” than in the past years, as it will refer especially to the ‘90s. These are some of my personal favourites of this season’s together with some tips on how to wear them for various occasions!
  • The Bib Tops - extremely nineties, extremely simple, extremely fashionable! Small straps/long flowy sleeves, most with trapezoidal or embellished neckline and cropped hem. Put on one and you’re ready to go. Depending on the fabric used, these can be worn as formal wear – to the office and meetings; or as informal wear – with denim or just a casual outing.
Vintage & mint
a Victorian style, chiffon bib blouse styled for the office and an after-work cocktail event.

FOTD using Magnolia Makeup pigments in Shero & Sublime and Infinity Palette

This post has been a long time coming. I have posted bits and pieces of it on Instagram, on Facebook & on Twitter but have not been able to put together a full post with the different sides to this look.

Well, here it is.
My first look using the Magnolia pigments and Infinity palette I received from dear Funke aka Madam Gifty

House of Tara Beauty Bruncheon Goodies - High Shine Lip Stain & Mineral Blush

Hello lovelies,
Remember the House of Tara Beauty Bruncheon? We got our goodie bags a couple days after the event and we were not disappointed at all.
(my sincere apologies on the quality of the images)

FOTD: It's a Blue-Pink Kinda Day

Hello lovelies,
Every time I feel like breaking away from my normal look of just BB cream, blush, mascara and lip balm; I usually end up with either a smokey eye or a less than perfect complicated eye look.
This time around, I went for a cross in-between ie. simple + colour and I ended up with this.

I wanted to use one palette, different colours and a complimentary colour to the earrings from Glitter Bug. I had on a cream coloured chiffon top so could pretty much play around with any colour I wanted.

The House of Tara Beauty Bruncheon

Hello lovelies,
Sometime last week, I was at the House of Tara Beauty Bruncheon. This was an event organised by HOTI for members of the Beauty & Lifestyle industry - beauty professionals and the media.

At the event, Tara made a speech with 2 words as the mainstay Conversation & Collaboration. She said that these are 2 things that makeup artists should learn to do as it will form the bedrock of a stronger and longer lasting industry in Nigeria.

2 of my favourite makeup bloggers Stella of Stella's Addiction and Yemisi Dada of Misykona have published posts on the event with pictures. I couldn't take any pictures of my own due to the fact that Samsung is yet to fix up my device. However, I got some really great pictures which are up everywhere (Bellanaija included)

Instead of putting up the same pictures, I will just share some pictures I showed up in
Miss Wendy (my teacher when I was at HOT. It was wonderful to see her after so many years and she looked really beautiful) and I with Bimpe Onakoya's bouquet which I was famzin

MUSIC MEETS RUNWAY (MMR) 2013 Unveils Iconic Designers & Artists

Music Meets Runway is right around the corner and this year I am praying that Ono Bello has a Special Blogger Invite with my name on it. I am very willing to use my outstanding casual leave days to attend *grin*

FOTD: Happy Independence Day Nigeria

Hello lovelies,
Every once in  while I get the urge to go along with the rest of the world and do a look that represents something. What usually happens after this is - I either upload the look immediately and celebrate with the rest of the world or leave the picture until months later when the world has forgotten, lol.
I guess the second is what happened to this look I did for Nigeria's Independence Day. In my defense though, I posted this look on Instagram in time for Independence Day *wink*

I decided to use some of my very rarely used products and it really felt nice using them and seeing the outcome once again.

Sleek iDivine Original Bronzed Sunday + Pictorial

Hello lovelies,
Happy New Week. I have been very lazy and not blogging at all even though I have loads of new content to share with you *shame on me*

Today, I am showing you a look I did with just 2 eyeshadow colours. Contrary to popular opinion, two eye colours (and even one) is more than enough to create a lovely eye look. Here I used just the bronze and black shades in the Sleek iDivine Original palette.

My Hair: Freestyle Pompadour

Needless to say, I am one of the laziest carriers of Natural hair in the world (believe it or not). I usually just have my hair up in a bun and that's that.

I figured that the least I could do was to make better use of my hair pins (instead of just for bantu twistouts) and was inspired to do a pompadour kind of style. It didn't quite come out the way I had hoped but I think it still looked good.

Blue Exaggerated Cut Crease with Sleek Makeup & Inglot + Pictorial

LOL, I must be going crazy right?
Hahahah, I am actually not but the thought of doing something crazy this one time really gave me a high. I even posted a picture on my Facebook page about it which you can view here

I had my Sleek Original iDivine palette in hand and figured that there were a couple of colours in there I hadn't ever used. Out came my brushes and I created this ever so crazy look. I must say that it is the most daring I have ever done. Hoping I'm making it look cool.