Blue Exaggerated Cut Crease with Sleek Makeup & Inglot + Pictorial

7 Nov 2013

LOL, I must be going crazy right?
Hahahah, I am actually not but the thought of doing something crazy this one time really gave me a high. I even posted a picture on my Facebook page about it which you can view here

I had my Sleek Original iDivine palette in hand and figured that there were a couple of colours in there I hadn't ever used. Out came my brushes and I created this ever so crazy look. I must say that it is the most daring I have ever done. Hoping I'm making it look cool.
I paired it at first with the Wet n Wild Stoplight red lipstick.
Uhm...this proved too bright and loud so I decided to change it to a nude lip colour.
Figured this was as good a chance as any to use my Inglot AMC lip colour in 51 which is a peachy nude shade.
Decided to do a creepy pictorial of the look too *grin* (apologies for the images)

Eyes - Sleek iDivine Original
Lips - shade 1: Wet n Wild Stoplight Red, shade 2: Inglot AMC no 51 lip colour
Earrings - Glitter Bug

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