(1923|Guest|Post) 2014's Vintage & Leather Fashion Trends

22 Nov 2013

The protagonists of 2014’s trends will be two and will be huge: vintage style and leather. 
Vintage is one of those fashion trends that, even though old, are never truly old. Some of the best pieces of vintage can be found at the bottom of our closets, pawn shops and second hand accessories in free-classifieds sites, not to mention leather accessories! That’s why it won’t only be particularly easy to find things we like and that suit us, but it will be a trend that will also allow us to keep it cheap. This is also because this year’s vintage will be a little “less vintage” than in the past years, as it will refer especially to the ‘90s. These are some of my personal favourites of this season’s together with some tips on how to wear them for various occasions!
  • The Bib Tops - extremely nineties, extremely simple, extremely fashionable! Small straps/long flowy sleeves, most with trapezoidal or embellished neckline and cropped hem. Put on one and you’re ready to go. Depending on the fabric used, these can be worn as formal wear – to the office and meetings; or as informal wear – with denim or just a casual outing.
Vintage & mint
a Victorian style, chiffon bib blouse styled for the office and an after-work cocktail event.

  • The Bike Basket Weaving - the hole trend is coming right back, with all its perforations and mesh, especially when it comes in leather, which is perfect for this “perforating” style. Why is it called “the bike basket weaving”? From afar, your clothes’ pattern will look like the weave on a plastic bike basket, that’s why. This is one of those pieces you want to wear with an opposite colour tank-top underneath to really make it stand out, great for a Friday or Saturday night out! Sometimes, they come in already lined fabric which can be worn alone for other occasions
  • Disco Neon & Basket weave

  • The Over the Knee Boots - get your legs ready not only to be fashionable, but also look longer and leaner. That’s the over the knee boots’ effect. Pick the leather colour you like the most and that suits your skin tone best. There are varied colours from cognac to chocolate brown. You can choose as you wish, as far as it goes over your kneeThere are so many ways to wear this amazing trend. Classy and comfy, they’re the best! I personally love to wear oversized ones in brown or black leather with a jeans miniskirt and a cashmere oversized sweater, just perfect for a night out with the girls this Fall!
...For a stroll

  • The Leopard Print - aggressive, sexy, classy and perfectly matches everything. Leopard print will be your best friend this coming 2014. Whether it’s a leather skirt or a vintage little dress, leopard print shall invade your closet; Shania Twain style: you will impress so much! Personally I'm more of the type of girl that would wear leopard on accessories like handbags, headbands and even underwear. Tip: I recommend not overdoing it. Wear with solid colours.
Strutting in Red

  • The Winter White - Winter means snow and snow means white. It doesn’t matter whether it actually snows or not, winter white will always be at the top of the list when it comes to winter classy styles. You can enrich it with leather accessories, to be even more fashionable, like a caramel belt, or a pair of cognac over the knee boots. Let's not forget white looks especially well with dark skin, thanks to our tropical weather weather explosion. When paired with white, dark skin stands out and is absolutely gorgeous. But let's not get confused with “white is the winter trend”, since you can't wear your summer white pants during this winter as well, just because. Winter accessories in this colour are the big protagonists, girls, plus cozy sweaters, turtlenecks and coats. I personally love wearing my white cashmere sweater with skinny black pants and ankle-boot high heels to work. So classy! Hey, don't forget the LWD is something of a trend these days too.
The LWD (Little White Dress)!

Which of these trends are you looking forward to in 2014? 
Personally, I am loving the Bib Tops and Winter White trend and absolutely love the way they have been styled above.

Sade Adebayo is a Nigerian fashion victim who loves writing about fashion and beauty trends. She currently lives in LA working for the fashion industry and volunteering in a local NGO. You can follow her on Twitter!


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