4 Jul 2014

Fashion | Breakfast with Ituen Basi

Hey guys,
You all know me, I always say I am not a fashion blogger but then end up at really cool fashion shows and events I am almost wont to add 'Fashion blogger' to my blog description.

So once again, I got invited to a really cool fashion event. Let me start from the beginning. There are very few fashion designers I love in Nigeria (can't afford them but I love them all the same), Ituen Basi was recently added to that list, I absolutely love how she literally molds fabrics to do her bidding. It is fascinating.

Like I was saying, I was on my own, on my seat at work and I got a call from a number I don't know, I picked and was promptly asked if I would be available for an Ituen Basi press conference. My heart skipped and I had to get her to repeat herself. Of course I would be available na (so help me God). A couple of hours, text messages and mails later, I got my formal invite to the Breakfast with Ituen Basi press event.
I wanted to try out the iPhone again and didn't take that many pictures so I will start with random pictures I stole off of Twitter and Instagram from others who attended the event and proceed to the pictures I took myself.
Ituen Basi
Ituen Basi
Ituen Basi
Omoge Mura
Modern Day School of Art
Lace collection
another angle
Double Take Collection
Love Series
Ibrada collection
Ankara & Beads, Rustic Chic & Ekemini collections
the Queens of Africa Azeezah dolls made by Taofick Okoya who acted as compere for the Press Conference
then we had breakfast. Wheatbaker sure knows how to make food (I always look forward to MAC events at the Wheatbaker)

my plate
and of course we had to get it from the top #instagramtins. Are you sure I shouldn't go into food blogging?
oh, and this is how I looked today. Simple makeup, with one of my Elsie Vintage skirts and a simple black tee
I will bring to you a more comprehensive post with better images (stolen off others you can be sure) along with pictures of the cool stuff in my goodie bag next.

Have a wonderful weekend guys, I may or may not be visiting Calia MedSpa tomorrow. Will definitely keep you in the loop.


  1. Replies
    1. It was Lape, it was and I was bummed I couldn't stay till the end

  2. omg. I love hair and the hairstyles are just breathtaking.

  3. I love Ituen B too, a few years ago, I was asked by Arise to pick a designer from their Arise NFW shows to profile and style and I chose Ituen. it was such a delight to get my favourite picks from their collection flown from Lagos to London...

    1. OMG, having your choice pieces shipped to you is super amazing. I will be in second heaven if it were me.
      Thanks for visiting, fellow IB lover *wink*


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