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3 Jul 2014

Hey guys,
Finally I get to upload this on time and I am super glad and happy about that.
This post is going to serve more than one purpose, lol:
  1. A recap of what I have been up to and where I have been in the past weeks
  2. A mini review of Villa Picasso Corporate Suites on Adetokunbo Ademola road, Victoria Island, Lagos
  3. A mini review of the iPhone5 which I have been using for about 2 weeks now. You all know how much I love my Samsung Galaxy Note II (the screen cracked at the MTN Project Fame All Stars Concert Lagos last week friday *loud sob*), the high resolution quality of the images is absolutely one of the things that endears me to it and I have more than once posted unedited pictures I took with it. So is the iPhone worth all the hype and fuss? Can it match the Samsung? All my opinion of course.
So stay tuned and I hope you like this first of what I hope will be many of such reviews & posts.
I saw a picture posted by Nicole Warne of garypeppergirl on Instagram a while ago and I figured out a way of achieving it. It is actually a lovely technique which I look forward to using a lot.
It was the morning we were travelling to Kwara and I know I didn't want to travel across state(s) with no makeup on. Who knows, some random guy in some random filling station when we randomly stop for fuel or food could be the answer to my current single status. Still, I can't remember how early I woke up to do this. It was very light though with an exaggerated wing, light blush and lipgloss. Had to take this picture with flash.
believe it or not, the left picture is at work in the morning before we set off for Ilorin and the picture on the right is a little over 11 hours later when we arrived Ilorin. Everyone was asking why I still looked fresh with makeup on and everything.
If only they knew how bone-crushingly tired I actually was.
We got to Ilorin quite late and opted for the biggest hotel in town. Well, we figured since it was the most popular and a government hotel it would be our best bet especially when we really didn't have anywhere else with enough space for all 7 of us.
On our way to the pre-production meeting in Ilorin. Had to get a colleague to take the picture and ended up laughing about how much he was trying to act like a pro photographer *rolling my eyes*.
Tee was a gift, scarf was thrifted, pants are from the Mr. Price men's section, belt from the Max store men's section, sketchers were a gift.
Kwara Hotel lobby.
Another section of the Kwara hotel lobby
some of my playing in the pool pictures which I didn't post. Love how toned my body looked. I lost a little weight in Ilorin though. Something wrong with my tummy which didn't let me eat for about 2 days.
My colleague got me a swimsuit but unfortunately it was too big for me. The scarf was perfect though.
Fast forward, 2 weeks later, time for Lagos Concert & auditions and we were off to Villa Picasso.
Don't ask why our lodgings were in VI when the concert was in Ikeja
On Instagram, I posted about how uplifting it was to walk into this room after the Concert in the wee hours of the morning.
After my midnight post, I decided that perhaps a review of my room and the hotel in general might not be such a bad idea so off I went with iPhone in hand the very next day when we got back from the Auditions.
works of art on the stairwell. I thought they added a certain flair to the place
my room was on the first floor so I naturally used the stairs (there is a lift but comon, a lift to the first floor? besides, I take any exercise I can get no matter how small)
the landings
And then my room
by now you all know I really liked the bed.
the mattress was placed in the middle of a podium sort of thing leaving extra on all sides of the mattress. I liked those because I could sit on it, kneel, place my phone without disturbing the intercom and menus placed on the bedside.
oh, and the extra white fold on the bed is actually the duvet. The airconditioning was super cold, infact, mine was off for most of my stay especially when my cynosis started harassing me.
the sitting area with the really cool enclosed cushioned seat which one doesn't notice when they first step into the room
there was a light under the seat
the wardrobe. Oh, and there I am - the right is immediately after the concert around 4am and the right is on saturday after the auditions.
the table and seat placed right in front of the bed. In Villa Picasso, you get a bottle of water and juice for each day of your stay. It is usually set in your room immediately after check-in. I wished there was complimentary tea/coffee in the room though. We had that in Ilorin.
I call them my PF companions, lol.
cross-body bag from +ASOS, chain & bangle from myglitterbug (read my post about them here), watch was a gift & Zaron lipgloss in 24 Karat (a lovely pinkish-nude lipgloss)
Another perks of Villa Picasso is that asides breakfast, guests are also entitled to evening snacks and dinner (can you beat that!). I had breakfast on Saturday & Sunday, Monday morning breakfast was packed to go cos of work which we were running late for. I skipped dinner on Sunday night cos I had pizza & ice-cream in the early evening so was still feeling full
saturday morning breakfast - English Breakfast
Sunday morning breakfast - Fried yam & egg sauce
Saturday dinner - chicken & fries
the snack spread. I had bananas, apple & scotch egg always though
All done. So, did the iPhone wow me? Not really. I still love the precise, pin-point resolution of my Samsung. The iPhone is just cute & handy compared to the Samsung so for that I carry it around for reflex photos, however for crisp & clear shots, my Samsung is first choice.

Hope you guys love the post, my apologies for so many pictures and please let me know if you would love to read more of such posts in the future.

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