5 Apr 2017

Photography | Because I'm Happy

I'll be on leave for 2 weeks and totally excited about that.
I'll be able to wake up at 9am everyday, lol. You know I'm not going to do that right? I'm too much of a workaholic.

What I'm looking forward to doing most is work on my photography and editing. For a newbie in the photography scene I'm not doing too badly *even if I do say so myself*. Teaching myself digital marketing, I'm now able to learn from online content and have mastered a couple of photoshop techniques from YouTube videos. Not enough though, but I'm getting there fast.

During my leave, I've planned a beauty & fashion shoot with a fellow blogger and thoroughly looking forward to it as it'll be the first photography creative work I'll be doing.
Then, let's see if I can step up my product shots too why don't we.
Anyway, because I'm happy.......

20 Mar 2017

Photography | Salute in Black

A beautiful salute to the New Week.

model & mua - @jesuis_joanne
outfit - @sisijane
makeup products - Zaron

14 Mar 2017

Photography | A Touch of Pink

It's not what you can do but what you do with what you can do that matters.

I love taking pictures of people. Half the time, I'm the blogger helping other bloggers take great pictures with their cameras or the one peeping out the window for that great sunset shot.
I love beauty too.
I mean, I'm a great makeup artist (even if I do say so myself). I love trying out new products, taking beautiful product shots, swatching the product to check out the colour payoff & pigmentation.
I wonder, why not bring these 2 together?
A skill and a passion - from 2, make them one.

somehow, the lack of accessories makes this picture all the more cleaner. I love her frozen smile, the texture of the braids, her hairburns, the ribbing of the dress.

model & mua - @jesuis_joanne
outfit - @sisijane
makeup products - Zaron