18 Nov 2015

First Impression | MAC MACnificent Collection

15 Nov 2015

#PinkLips for Breast Cancer Awareness - October 2015

#PinkLips people, yes I know but this was one of the images I posted in October for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. On to Pink Lips. Totally unprepared, I decided to do a #PinkLipsChallenge in October but there were certain factors that weren't considered so it was kind of incomplete *covers face*.

First, I don't like Pink so doing pink lips for any number of days is a challenge. Second, because I don't like pink, I don't favour pink lip colours so don't have a lot of them. Third, the planning element was missing so a couple of days were missed here, there and eventually everywhere.

11 Nov 2015

Beauty Blogging 101 | Why I'm Doing This

I've been a beauty blogger for about 5 years now and throughout that time, I've read soooooooo many posts, articles, hints, tidbits and generally absorbed as much as I could about being a better blogger.