FOTD | Winged Liner & Pink with Sleek Makeup, Khuraira and Magnolia

9 Jul 2014

Obviously I have a crush on the Magnolia Infinity palette cos I use it every Sunday for customising my lip colour
*#talkingtomyself "I should do a single review of the palette and the different customising options it provides, hmmm"

On to my post; So I have taken the slogan 'Sunday Best' to heart and can guarantee you'll a smashing makeup (and OOTD when my sister manages to take good pictures) every week from my Sunday look to church. I have really been doting on my Sleek iDivine palette in Original these days as it is the only coloured palette in my personal makeup stash apart from the Revlon & Wet n Wild quads I use for neutral, everyday looks.
Blush Beauty foundation in N9 Cool/Neutral
Sleek Makeup compact powder in Super Tan
Maybelline Clear Smooth Powder in Caramel
Sleek Glisten me

Zaron brow fix
Tara eye primer
Sleek Original iDivine Palette
Asta gel liner in Onyx
L'oreal white pencil

Magnolia Makeup Infinity palette

Hegai & Esther brushes
Gifty's Daughter
For my lips, I used 2 colours in the Magnolia Infinity Palette - the pink and the white. I applied the white in the middle-inside area of my lips and applied the pink on the outer perimeter. A lip smack and swipe of the Sam Fine Canary Diamond lipgloss later, I was done.
Hmmm, my sis managed to take some pictures of the outfit. Will put those up soon.

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  1. Hello Miss Barbara.. I have read all your blogs and I am truly amazed with your very artistic and talent in applying makeups.. I am more amazed that you only learned all of this by yourself through watching videos.. Your stunning and more beautiful with all the photos you have how much more in personal.. Thumbs up to you Miss Barbara and great job! I look forward for your more posts.. xx Shardin
    Lifecell Australia


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