#MyStyle | Elsie Vintage Versatile Skirt on Sunday

10 Jul 2014

One of the important points to note when shopping for really good quality vintage pieces is their multi-useability (read my post on Vintage Shopping). This point only occured to me recently and has become a motto which guides my shopping. 

Recently I purchased a skirt from Elsie Vintage, I didn't realise how versatile it was until I wore it the second time - to church on a Sunday.
the skirt has small triangle patterns coloured red, pink, orange, tan, brown, black and white
Even though I don't know much about fashion, at least I do know that the varied colours on the skirt mean that I can pair it with either of these colours or complimentary colours to any of these colours. 

It was mid-year Thanksgiving service in Church & my mum was worried about what I'd wear *rolls eyes*, so I 'my new skirt' with a cream fitted blazer, black sequined blowy blouse and gold heels. I managed to get my sister to take pictures again, lol. It was tough but thankfully, she was able to take them. I was making loads of faces while she was taking them + telling her how I wanted the pictures so please pardon my facial expressions *covers face*
Top & Blazer - Gifts; Skirt - Elsie Vintage; Shoes - +ASOS (a gift); Accessories - Glitter Bug & +ASOS; Handbag - My Mum's closet; Watch - Rolex; Lipstick - Magnolia Makeup Infinity Palette


  1. The one with the green background is my fave ❤️❤️❤️

  2. You wear the skirt so well!

  3. Lovely skirt, I'm really into midi length pieces at the moment. I was actually thinking if it was possible to buy vintage in Lagos. I know it may sound silly, but I've always got the vibe that Nigerians back home are more into their designer labels, high street, trad wear...Is Elsie Vintage a Lagos-based brand?

    1. Lol, it is pretty recent though as it has become somewhat of a trend. Some of us have loved it since forever though and miss our pleated and brocade skirts which our mums made us throwaway or donate to charity way back when.
      Yes, Elsie Vintage is a Lagos based brand.


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