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10 Jul 2014

Hey guys, I promised to share stuff from my Ituen Basi Press Conference Goodie bag/Press kit. I haven't done it early enough to add it to the previous post, so I am going ahead to create a new post for it.
a lovely small, black cloth bag which is re-usable. I totally see myself carrying small edibles to the office in this instead of stuffing my handbag full with little munchies.
the newsprint design is lovely. You bet I am envious of the scarfs and ties which I didn't get.
I love this checklist of the Ituen Brand accomplishments through the years
I am going to be using the paper folder to carry any contracts/paper notes I need whenever I go for an event. It is A5 size so I will need to fold A4 paper in 2 but as a temporary folder? Perfecto
I have stashed this collector's item jotter in my special place where I have the all-white Google notepad, lovely MAC jotter and other such stuff
There they are. 
I really like how dainty all the items are without really been small. A show of class for sure.

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