16 Sep 2013

'Barbara, the fashion blogger'.....my alter ego

My very first encounter with the words 'alter ego' are so far back I can barely remember but I do remember the very first book I read about Schizophrenia. It was the Sidney Sheldon book - Tell Me Your Dreams

Little did I know that I would somewhat end up being a perfectly compartmentalized human, lol.

I am a shy young lady (nobody believes it), a makeup artist who tells everyone that there is a difference between beauty & fashion (which is my excuse for not having any personal style or dressing plainly). Thankfully I am not considered a creative at work and so get away with wearing black, browns and greys to work. I hate taking pictures in public (hence the makeup pictures taken in my house or on the balcony or outside at work but mainly when nobody is watching)

Meet my alter ego, she is bold, daring and not shy at all.
I hope you like her though.
She will be posting over on the Tumblr blog - http://barbara1923.tumblr.com/; but I will make a little room for her here on the site.
I hope you like her
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