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17 Sept 2013

Hello lovelies,
In the midst of everything I have been up to and that has taken my time recently, I still love you all and miss updating the blog a lot. After a long hiatus, I whipped out the Sleek iDivine Original palette & a couple of lippies from my personal collection (I have them depotted so don't know names anymore).

Even though it was friday (and a while ago as can be seen from my cornrows aka. Apples & Oranges event) and I could pretty much wear what I wanted, I felt like wearing makeup that was pretty much off the casual look.

I am supposed to have a product review up today but decided to post this instead.
This post is pretty much just to check on you all and let you know I have missed you but I am working behind the scenes to get better.

being a while since I spotted an ombre lip. This was a very nice comeback

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