Glitter Bug!

18 Sept 2013

One of the things I am absolutely crazy about, even though I have no patience for them especially when I am running late, are accessories. I especially love delicate pieces because they signify class, style and sophistication to me. But hey, that is just me speaking.

A friend of mine brought these over and wanted to know what I thought. I think they are lovely and the kind of pieces I would like to wear especially this delicate emerald/diamond piece below.
I have my favourites of course *wink* but I think these are just lovely. Don't think these are all though, she has a ton of them where these came from and they are all absolutely gorgeous too.
While the ones featured here are just in the N3,000 to N4,000 category (with my favourite costing N10,000), she has some diamond pieces which I hope to indulge in one of these days ( maybe as next year's birthday gift to myself, lol). Perhaps I can persuade her to let me take pictures of those and share here too.

*thinking aloud* Does Barbara, the fashion blogger need to get stylists to send her accessories for her shoots? I don't think so right? lol

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  1. Will definitely call. Love them all. My favorite part is mentioning your site's name and getting a discount...hehehe.

  2. That emerald green one is totally giving me life at the mo!


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