Product Review: Fashion Fair Pressed Powder in 'Kola Cola'

29 Jan 2013

True beauty is from within!
When I got my Fashion Fair haul and spread them all out. One package that caught my eye after the True Foundation was the compact powder.
In a burgundy-ish coloured sleek, reflective case, this compact is a true representative of Fashion Fair prestige.

Still being a sucker for powder palettes at professional gigs, I decided to include this in my personal collection. Thus, this review is based solely on the performance of this product on my skin.

- I am yet to get over the beautiful packaging which even though it isn't my favourite is very well worth carrying around for touch-ups.
- I do believe that the hue adjusting technology has somehow being infused into this product as once again I was deceived into believing that the undertone would not suit me.
- A true matte finish was the result of use and this lasted throughout the day (for me)
- I tossed the little FF powder puff this came with and so applied with a large powder brush for the purpose of setting my foundation (note that a powder puff can also be used to apply this product)

This product is a light-medium coverage product (medium coverage for those with near perfect skin) and so needs to be used on top of foundation ready skin (I used this with the True Finish foundation to achieve flawless, natural looking skin)

Overall, if I were asked "keep or toss" I would definitely say keep.

*This product was purchased by me and I have not been paid or sponsored to write this review.

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