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28 Jan 2013

Hello everyone,
I apologise for not having a birthday post to share with you. It was actually spent just chilling and doing nothing with the family.
Thank you for all my birthday wishes *muah*

Today, I am going to be uploading a compound post ie. Weekend Blues and a FOTD. 

All my Instagram followers heard about the wedding I was invited  to in the 2nd week of January as I was posting pics of all my shopping choices and finds. Well, the wedding finally came and went and I will be sharing the pictures in this post.
I was at a loss what makeup to do so I just went ahead with the simplest thing I could think of (I always do that when I am in a quandary about what look to do) - slight contoured eyes, winged liner and lipstick (I went with an ombre pink/purple lip to go with the colours of the wedding)

You all must have heard more than enough about what I got for the wedding outfit from my last Weekend Blues post. The shoes are old timers in my wardrobe which I had worn only once before.
with very little time to work with and of course I absolutely had to do her makeup, I went with  full brows, a wash of purple on her eyes, red blush and red lips.
o yes she just had to do that.
I am sure I forgot to mention that the groom is actually a dear friend of my sis. Her other friends and I got invites courtesy of her.
with the groom
the bride and her girls
the couple, my sister and her friend Florence
I look like I am snorting but comon, you guys know I hate taking pictures right?
I missed these *sob*
centre piece
A friend of my sis is a gospel artiste and the couple specially requested a song from him
they are lost in the rapture of the song, lol
Pita doing what he does best. I actually have a video of this and will upload it to my facebook page right after publishing this post.
I loved my outfit, I was the belle of the ball and I was quite proud of myself *wide grin*

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  1. happy birthday again B! u all look amazing

    1. thank you dear. You should check out the video on my FB page too.


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