11 Aug 2012

'My Hair' Tab - An Introduction

A couple of months ago (about 6 months + ago), I went to have my hair retouched at a quite reputable salon here in Lagos and my scalp got burnt and did not retouch. I was so upset that day, that I swore (swore is a strong word but that is really what I did) that I would never go near a relaxer again in my entire life. Thus began my journey to natural hair.

I proceeded to chopping off half of my hair, leaving the remaining half for braids to hold onto. I adopted the practise of braiding my hair, twists to be precise. I had 3 different styles of braids from that time till about 3 weeks ago when I did corn-rows which I loosened last saturday. On a whim, I decided to give my hair and scalp a week of rest before proceeding to the next session of twisted braids.

While wondering what to do with the hair, I came to conclusion that the hair bands I had not used since the days of my short curls would come to good use and I posted a picture of me with my hair tied back in the bands and the bun I came up with. To my surprise, it was hugely accepted and I received loads of compliments on my transitioning. I have also been encouraged to document my transitioning/natural hair journey (which is something I had considered a while ago but figured would be too much trouble especially as I knew nothing about natural hair).

But after much consideration, I have decided to indeed document my journey. Please, be patient with me as regards hair posts, it is a journey and I am by no means an expert at this. I am excited and hugely looking forward to this.

And to all my fellow naturalistas (OMG, I am now a naturalista *swoon*), I say "I am really happy to join this beautiful community"

Thank you

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  1. That was a great and smart decision, your HAIR WILL THANK YOU FOR IT!!

    Be careful when pulling your hair in a bun, because tugging at your edges will weaken it and break it.

    The most important thing about being a Naturalista is paying attention to the products you use.

    our top 3 favorites @myHairmyBeauty are
    1. Jamaican Black Castor Oil - This will definately grow your edges

    2. Coconut oil - NOT only is this a great conditioner, but you can use it on your skin as well.

    3. NIOXIN hair booster- for all the women that are balding, this is your savior! loll

    Please check out our blog, we talk about natural hair alot! (www.myHairmyBeauty.wordpress.com)


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