FAME by Paco Rabanne; A Study in Interactive & Eco-Friendly Perfumery.

17.9.22 Lagos, Nigeria

Have I ever mentioned how much easier it is to review a perfume than all other beauty aspects?

Now that's out of the way, let's move on to the perfume review for today - FAME by Paco Rabanne

FAME by Paco Rabanne first comes off as a warm, rich, tangy fragrance and while the flacon is impressive, the technology and research behind its development are to be commended. 

In case you don't understand what I mean, the flacon is interactive. Using an NFC-enabled device, you can touch the top of the flacon with your phone and instantly be taken to the FAME by Paco Rabanne page on the Paco Rabanne website. 

If you haven't been privy to a closer inspection of the packaging on which this information is printed, here is my unboxing video 

In preparing for this review, I used the fragrance four times, in four different ways, making sure I spent the day outside, at work, in the office and generally around town, to determine Longevity & Sillage.

The Flacon

Before I go into the actual fragrance and how well it wears, let me tell you a bit about the flacon. Like I said a couple of paragraphs ago, it is interactive and you can read about the perfume by just tapping the top with your NFC-enabled mobile device. 

The other thing I didn't mention, is the fact that the FAME by Paco Rabanne flacon is refillable/reuseable. This is environmentally responsible and eco-friendly. I'm not yet sure if FAME is the first actual full-sized perfume to be refillable asides from the regular atomisers we are all used to. I checked google for the answer but couldn't find an answer to that.

The bottle is supposed to be armour, a chain-mail armour. I love the mixed metal it has going on as well and did you notice it is wearing heels? This is the first Paco Rabanne perfume I am owning and using, but I hear the armour design is something Paco Rabanne is known for. 

The Fragrance

What Paco Rabanne says it is 

Discover FAME, the covetable new women's perfume by Paco Rabanne. Capturing the irresistible Parisian spirit of the Rabanne woman, FAME perfume pays tribute to a new era of femininity. Playful. Sensual. Empowered. The quintessence of avant-garde luxury, this perfume is a blend of exceptionally pure jasmine, succulent mango and an addictively sensual creamy incense.

It is warm and rich and the mango and jasmine notes are definitely there. It also has a sweet twist to it. I'm not sure, but maybe the fact that 90% of the ingredients are natural is the reason for my rating of the sillage.

Oh, lest I forget, it is actually an EDP i.e. Eau de Parfum 

Day 1

I wore FAME on my clothes. I kept getting a whiff of it around me up till about 12/1pm when I couldn't perceive it again. I even did the unladylike thing where I tried to smell myself but got a barely there fragrance. By the end of the day, it was gone entirely.

Day 2

I applied it directly on my skin, and to my pulse points. If you have read my perfume etiquette post, then you know my staple perfume application technique. On this day, it wore longer than the first day but by the end of the day, it was all gone as well. 

p.s. on both days, sillage was almost none existent as the scent stayed close to my body all the while.

Day 3

I both applied and wore the perfume generously. There was still no sillage, but by the end of the day when I tried smelling myself, I got a lingering warm scent very close to my skin. The kind of scent, a lover would be attracted to after a long, busy day and would make them not want to let you go (yes, that's the only thing that came to my mind at the exact point in time when I wrote that line because of how intimate and rich FAME by Paco Rabanne is when it has dried down to the very last spicy, lingering note)

Day 4

Coincidentally, I watched Jackie Aina's video on how to make your perfume last longer and while I didn't follow the scent through right from body wash & scrub, I did her layering technique i.e. moisturise, apply perfume, layer unscented oil on your skin and apply a second perfume layer. After this, I still wore the perfume on my clothes again. The sillage was real and lasted up till noon. I could perceive it and people around me could perceive it too. By late afternoon, it started disappearing gradually and by the time I got home around 6pm, it was all gone with the wind, lol.

Overall, while I love the warm, rich fragrance, I don't like the fact that the
longevity and sillage are a low average. This can easily be rectified by re-applying during the day (which is perfectly acceptable perfume etiquette), but I would have loved it to be long-lasting enough to still linger on my clothes. 

If you love warm, rich fragrances like I do and have no issues with reapplying your perfumes during the day, then this is perfect for you. Have you used this yet? Is there a Paco Rabanne perfume you love...apart from 1 million, lol. 

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