#ThisisLagos | Pt. 4, Living in Lagos

14.9.22 Lagos, Nigeria

No, I haven't stopped taking pictures of Lagos. Yes, I haven't shared them here for aaages now 😊

I really didn't take in a while, but I'm back to taking more of them and there was no way I wasn't going to share here. 

Just like when taking product pictures, I love packaging & products that have attractive colours as opposed to minimal, or pale colours; for landscape photography, I love capturing clouds. 

Did you know that clouds can be used to interpret the weather? Although their primary purpose is to absorb the Earth's energy and scatter solar radiation, I do believe they have a mind of their own and speak a language only landscape lovers can understand. 

In this series, I'm sharing #Lagosinmotion images taken with a Samsung S10+ on the Island and along Gbagada Expressway with a lot of clouds in them. 

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