Versatile Blogger Award

11 Aug 2012

Hello everyone,

I have been nominated for the Versatile Blogger's Award by Lisa of Lisa's Nail Obsession. Thank you so much for this award. It is my 4th Blog award and I am so happy to get it and it sure is getting a place of honour here too.
And now the rules. Apparently every blog award has its rules and the rules for this one are:

- Nominate 12 fellow bloggers that are relatively new to blogging.
- Let them know you have nominated them
- Share 7 random facts about yourself
- Thank the blogger(s) who nominated you by linking to their blog
- Add the versatile Blogger Award to your post.

I have obeyed the last 2 rules already and now I move to the others. Please permit me to skip the first two for now, I promise to come back to it and nominate 12 new bloggers who I believe deserve to be nominated for this award.

- Share 7 random facts about yourself:
1. My dad is a pastor. A lot of people know this and a lot don't know this as well. The reaction I always get when I tell people is "No wonder" and it always baffles me.
2. I was a member of 3 hip-hop dance groups. Lol, when you see me now it is so hard to believe because I have added loads of weight and I am not fit again.
3. I can't go shopping, the movies, a gym or a restaurant by myself. I have a knack for doing things alone inside the house but when it comes to going out and having fun, I usually pause, have a rethink and just go back into the house.
4. I am terribly shy. Whenever I meet people for the first time, there is always a tendency for me to engross myself in my Blackberry (that is the telltale sign that I am nervous)
5. I almost left my job to be a makeup artist at a studio 2 years ago. Thank God I didn't because I don't think I would have had time for blogging, social networking (which has led me to meet some of the most wonderful people ever) and personal branding.
6. I love a good lazying around day with food, Television and nothing.
7. I am constantly on the search to loosing weight.

Thank you everyone, for visiting my blog, commenting and loving my posts. Thank you for this lovely award Lisa *hugs*


  1. aww really ur so shy sme wt me am a shy person 2 i wonder y ppl say no wonder wen de find out ur dads a pastor funny hw ppl tnk....pls abeg aagain remove ds robot tn now

  2. Thank you for your reply Chuqqie. I have taken it out and yes you better believe it I am a shy person, lol.


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