Ziploc Storage

12 Aug 2012

As a makeup artist or lover or even a regular makeup user, storage is a very important subject.

The issue of storage is most often tackled by using makeup purses. For me however, it is usually an uphill task finding just the right size of purse for my requirements. I have a big makeup box (or train-case as it is popularly called) which I hate to carry around because it is big and heavy and attracts too much attention especially when I need to take the bus.

In order to solve this problem, I bought a regular carry-all bag. So what I do is deduce what the gig I am going for entails. I then pack everything i need into small purses and arrange in the carry-all.

Having explained the difficulty of getting the right size makeup purses, I thought to myself "why not just use ziplocs?" I mean they are for storage aren't they?

All of them in ziplocs (even cotton pads and q-tips)
gel & creme. 
lip tars
Bobbi Brown eye shadows (I still don't understand why I have them stored seperately)
all my pencils and Zaron kajal
monos, trios & some quad eyeshadows
lip glosses, liquid lipsticks & you can see my Bobbi Brown lip colour in Sandwash Beige peeking by the side of the bag for neutrals ( I have them seperated into reds/darks, pinks & nudes)
There are definitely much better ways to store products now, but since I don't have space for drawers and the like, this works for me right now and I am quite happy with it. In the future when I have more space at home, I will definitely be changing my storage method.

I hope this helps someone who at this minute is battling with the issue of makeup storage and I would love to know what your own storage methods are (if you aren't a member of the ziploc storage club that is, lol)


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    your blog is good! I'll visit again :)
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  2. Replies
    1. Awww, first time you are commenting on my blog Yems. It is ever my pleasure xoxo

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  4. Yea I actually carry a travelling bag as my box, its easier,as all my stuff fit, I have arranged all in small transparent purses and I know which to pick wen working....but where can I get this Ziploc u used please

    1. Thank you Teju, I usually get them from super markets. be sure to read what size it is though. The one i used for the eye shadows is way bigger than the other size.


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