The Makeup Show NY Haul

14 Aug 2012

The Makeup Show NY held in June. I could not go but there was no way I was going to miss the one chance of getting my own OCC lip tars especially when a makeup colleague told me she would be attending the show.

My list was the OCC lip tar primaries/black/white, Royal Blue uncut pigment and Triptych loose shadow. I think the stall ran out of uncut pigment so she got me OCC glitter in Magenta instead.

the tars
glitter & loose colour
In addition to the main items I wanted to buy namely OCC, I asked my friend to also get either Alcone makeoff wipes or wedges (as Alcone wedges are internationally known and I wanted to try them out to see if they were that good, lol). Well, I got a year's supply of the wedges, lol. I use them mainly to press foundation into the skin and apply loose powder so I know I will be using them for eons.
I think the best thing i like about these sponges is the fact that they wash very well. No matter how dirty they are, as soon as I apply liquid soap to it, soak in water to fluff up and squeeze; all the dirt is gone.
I have not had time to play with even one lip tar, but you can be sure I will be manipulating them the very chance I get. And I will be working on a glitter look in addition.

Thank you dearest Love for this haul.

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