30 Apr 2012

1923 Photoshoot: Am I Vixen?

Hello everyone,

Do you all remember my post titled What Do You Want? Well, i did get responses to it even though not all were done in the comments section of that particular post. Some of the responses included me sharing more of my work as a professional makeup artist with my followers. 

I must however reiterate the fact that i created this blog to promote the Nigerian beauty industry (a couple of people have reminded me that I belong to this industry and so should have my works shown on this site too). 

In this post, I am sharing pictures from the second ever professional portfolio photo shoot I did. For a couple of years, I did not have any professionally shot pictures in my portfolio but was recognized via word of mouth. My sojourn into the world of social media and networking with other makeup professionals across the world has however greatly benefited my artistry and my approach to it and I came to the realization that a professional makeup portfolio is a must-have.

I will publish a post on the first one I ever did and the story behind it but for now, enjoy this.


As you can see, these are regular everyday ladies who are my friends and family (my sister Stella)

It had a mix of simple/natural and more sultry poses. It was themed Am I Vixen? because we all have a vixen within us. We look simple, pretty and calm until the vixen is unleashed, she doesnt have to be flamboyant or overtly seductive. Just a look, a striking pose or a smile will let you know that she is out.

What do you all think?

Makeup: Barbara
Styling: Obehi
Photography: Sarah
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