16 Jan 2012

Product Review: LISE

Like you know, i got a couple of products after the LISE workshop and i put them all in a haul post. i also got the LISE cucumber stress gel on the house.

Here are my thoughts about them:

Lise lash primer - i used this recently and i must say that on well mannered lashes, it works wonders (havent tried it on my sis yet though. i have to remember to try it next time i do her makeup)
by now you all know im not one for glitz and sparkle but this definitely caught my eye and especially when i saw someone use it on her lips. I was definitely intrigued. I have tried it out in some recent makeovers. Fingers crossed that the camera picked up the glitz.

This is a beautiful, creamy and very pigmented liner. i totally loved it the moment i used it and i must say that it does not disappoint.
a swatch of the gel liner

see how the light catches the particles in the gloss.
i was totally sold when i heard some testimonials from people who had used this product. its the Cucumber Stress Gel. i used it on my skin and i was not disappointed. I also gave some to my mom and she has asked for another supply, she uses it not just as a primer but also as a moisturizer. I am however yet to get positive raves from some other people i used it on.

Have you tried any of the above products? or any other Lise product. We would love to hear what you have to say about it.

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