Barbara is back!

14 Jan 2012

Hello everyone,

Happy new Year. How were your holidays and for those of us in  Nigeria who have been occupying, i say happy #occupying to you *wink*

I have missed you all and i urge you all to start the year with focus, direction, purpose, will power and above all with God.

No more ramblings because i am sure you all want to know when the posts will start rolling in. My blog has been acting up and not saving or publishing my posts *loud wail* but i think (I THINK) it is sorted out now and the posts will start rolling in , yayyy!

My carried over posts will be the first set to be published so i can get them all out of the way and begin this fabulous new year. I have added additional services to my makeup artist portfolio (you will read more about that on my FB fan page) and I am also happy about the 1923 Asks Series and another series that will be starting up late this month or early next month.

It is really good to be back and lots of hugs and kissed to all followers of my blog (i came back and saw i have a lot of new followers) thank you so very much.


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