1923 Thought For the Day

11 Jan 2012

thoughts-squiggles-2In life, we have many choices. But the direction and destination we eventually arrive at depends on the quality of the choices we make.

Only a strong will can effectively and efficiently make tangible choices that will lead to the appropriate destiny approved by God. Believe it or not, all destiny is designed by God. It depends on man to choose the destiny that God has designed for Him.

What will you choose today? Look way ahead of you into the future, as far as you possibly can with the eyes that you have. What do you see? Don’t tell me, tell yourself. Look into your heart and tell yourself the truth. Based on that truth, make your choice of all the choices spread before you. Be bold and strong willed. Remember only the strong survive.

See you in the future.



  1. Choosing to align yourself with God's plan for your life will bring about true fulfillment. Very well said. Happy New Year to you, Barbara! May God cause the works of your hands to prosper this year in Jesus name. Amen. Cheers!

  2. @Relentless Builder, thank you for making the first comment on my blog this year. Happy New Year to you too.

    What better way to start the year than to be in alignment with God's plan for me? If I don't, then I will be wandering like the Israelites.

    Amen!! To your prayer for me in this new year and I wish you the very same.

  3. Good one there, not to forget to always be a dependable receptacle of God's vision and promptings.

  4. Definitely @oizachic, we would be nothing without Him. The best and only way is to listen, hear and obey what He says.


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