How To Mix Old & New Products to create a modern makeup look

18.8.22 Lagos, Nigeria

This happens A LOT! So I'm digging into my wardrobe or a number of stored-away items and I suddenly exclaim out loud. More often than not, it's usually because I've found something I either thought was missing, lost or had given out. 

This happens to literally everything I own - clothes, books, makeup, skincare products, handbags and even jewellery. Not that it's any of my fault really, there is just never enough space to keep everything. 

Imagine my surprise when I found I still owned a couple of Orekelewa (now House of Tara) items. The best part? They still work fine and are still as gorgeous as when I first got them almost a decade ago *covers face*

I decided to take the lip pencil I found from Orekelewa (I could barely see the name - will share a pic on Instagram @barbara1923) and incorporate it into a video as part of the #CorporateBeauty series for professionals.

Check out the video and a detailed product breakdown below

blot cosmetics primer -

blot cosmetics foundation -

blk opl face & body concealer -

blot cosmetics loose powder -

zaron face definer -

zaron cheeky blush -

zaron volumising mascara -

house of tara lip pencil -

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