Simple, Foolproof Skincare for Everyone | Arami Wander Series - Face Edition

5.9.22 Lagos, Nigeria

I like small objects. 

Ok, maybe that didn't come out right but what I meant was I like the small version of inanimate things. As opposed to getting a bigger, chunkier, version, I prefer a smaller, dainty option. 

I think that's one of the reasons why I always wanted to try out the Arami minis ever since they launched. 

I did get to try them - 4 of them (which, if you follow me on Instagram, you'll know debuted my Products I'm Loving Right Now Series). They are Onyx Light, Eden's Elixir, Glow Scrub and Omni Oil. 

It's great that I can use them all on my face but there's a bit more to them than that. That's what this post is about actually. 

So here's the thing, I did try out these 4 products for 4 weeks and they turned out great. But after that, I still tried them out again and to my surprise, they were awesome. They really should be on everyone's favourites skincare list for 2 main reasons

  • A little goes a long way. I've used Onyx Light as a body wash more than once and I still have loads to go before the mini bottle finishes. 
  • They are really easy to use. If you ever desired a product that was a practical version of 'Skincare 101 for Dummies', this is it. I'm yet to use the larger versions of any of these, but as minis, they are handy and literally foolproof - open, drip, use. It honestly can't get simpler than that with the liquid minis

My Experience with the Arami Minis

My first 4 weeks using them were in combination with the Arami HLR drops and it was a great experience which I shared. I dropped them for about 2 months while testing other skincare products and while I'm not sure which product or ingredient caused it, my facial skin became inflamed and started over-reacting. I had acne in my chin area, acne that hurt when I touched them, my skin became rough, got darker and there was an overabundance of dark heads in places they had disappeared from before. Even the in-grown hair bumps which had healed became inflamed again as well. 

I brought this up with an aesthetician friend of mine and after several days of going back and forth, we both agreed that I should just go back to the skincare basics - cleanse, tone, moisturise and sunscreen. 

The only products from the same range I had that could do this were the Arami minis and so I got them out of the pouch I'd packed them into and started reusing them again with the exception of the glow scrub (as I didn't want to irritate my skin). 

2 weeks went by and these products were still going strong. The only bottle that showed signs of finishing was Eden's Elixir but all others literally went on for over 2 weeks. In total, I used the minis for 6 weeks comfortably - morning and night.

I'm not sure there are any other products that can give you 60ml worth of product that lasts for 6 weeks. At least, I haven't used any but I'll be on the lookout for it and will definitely let you know. 

How I Use Them

Like the step says - cleanse, tone and moisturise.

I always start out with Onyx light and use between 3 to 5 drops of it depending on what has been on my face i.e. did I just take off makeup, was I sweaty, did I go out or stay in? I have been known to use one drop on my face too. I lather this on my face and clean my face including my neck and chin area all the while counting down to 60secs.

Out of the shower or after washing my face, I go in with Eden's Elixir (I prefer to have my face still a bit damp but this isn't always the case), I then apply between 5 to 7 drops of it, using my hands to pat it into my face and neck. I then let it sit for at least a minute before going in with my moisturiser or Omni Oil.

In the daytime, I sometimes finish up with sunscreen after moisturiser but most nights, I go in with Onmi Oil after moisturiser to lock in the moisture. I sometimes apply it right after toner but ever since I discovered the added benefit of applying oil after moisturiser, I prefer to do it this way. In the morning, my skin feels really soft and supple. 

Glow Scrub doesn't make as often an appearance as the others but when it does, it is usually after Onyx Light and before Eden's Elixir. I don't scrub my face often, especially now that my skin is healing. But usually, I use a scrub on my face when it feels rough and I need a little pick me up for extra skin oomph.

So, this is me and this has been my experience with the Arami Wander series. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who 
  • Is new to skincare
  • Needs a simple, super basic 3-step skincare routine
  • Wants bang for their buck but with the results 
  • Wants to try out new Arami products first before committing to a larger size (with the amount of use you'll get from this, it is a semi-large size already, lol)

Have you used any of the Arami minis? What did you think about them? How long did it last you?

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