4 Ways to Get Your Feet Smelling Fresh Every time

5.8.22 Lagos, Nigeria

Ever been in a meeting and a pungent smell filled the room seemingly out of nowhere?

You know the smell - someone took off their shoes for Pete's sake. Whether the shoes were tight and their toes needed a breather or not, that smell can wake up the dead for sure. 

I mean, you instantly gagged!

 Most of us have suffered from this at some point in time or the other and it has definitely been the cause of a lot of embarrassment.

Smelly feet are caused by a variety of things from sweaty feet to stress to medication to alcohol and lastly, poor hygiene.

Do you suffer from smelly feet? Here are 4 easy ways to be rid of it:
  • Apply Talcum powder to your feet. It helps to destroy bacteria, absorb the moisture from sweat and remove the smell.
  • Use antiperspirant deodorant on your feet. Preferably, we’d recommend the stick deodorants. Rub them all over clean feet at night and wear socks just to make sure that they remain clean & fresh instead of rubbing all over the sheets. In the morning, just wear your shoes as you normally would. Antiperspirant blocks off the sweat glands in our armpit, who said it can’t do the same for our feet?
  • Soak feet in a vinegar mixture. This will create a highly acidic environment around your feet area thereby prohibiting the growth of any form of smell-creating bacteria.
  • Sprinkle Baking Soda in your shoes. It does about the same thing as the Vinegar mixture only in a dry form. However, instead of creating an acidic environment, it neutralizes the PH of sweat thereby ensuring that bacteria from sweat are not created.

Make sure your feet are clean and dry before putting them in your shoes. 
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