3 Tricks To A Daytime Pink Eyeshadow Look

13.7.22 Lagos, Nigeria

Pink is a girlie colour and depending on the shade, it can be downright intimidating (at least that's what I think). So, you'll rarely see me wearing pink without a solid colour like black to tone it down and if I'm wearing it as makeup, I have a couple of tricks I use, especially for daytime wear. 

  • Use it as a liner almost like what I did in this look. When I have to work with an intense shade of pink, I use it tactfully and tastefully. If this was a liner, I would have used it as a single line on my lids but since it was a shadow, I decided to create a single line with a dense eyeshadow brush and complemented it with blue mascara.
  • Tone it down and use a lighter shade of pink. Its daytime and colours are much brighter in the daytime as we can see their true shades. It does make sense to wear a toned-down version of colours during the day especially when going to the office or even just out for brunch or a lunch date. 
  • Apply just a wash of colour and avoid packing it on your lid. I'll say it again - intense colours are better suited to night outings, vivid, bright colours are better suited to beach, festivals, fairs and generally boisterous day-night outings. But for the office, muted tones are most welcome. 

If maybe you were wondering about my relationship with pink I'll be the first to say
- it is not my favourite colour in the world
- when it comes to makeup, I do seem to have a good relationship with the colour (see this look here)
- it works well with a lot of other colours so I tend to give it a lot of chances

What do you think? Would you wear pink eyeshadow using my 3 tricks here?

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