3 Tips For Wearing Pink Makeup Simply & Casually

14.3.19 Lagos, Nigeria

Pink is a colour I associate with just a little bit more femininity than I can handle so it's not on my list of favourite colours in the world.

That's just the truth.

But try as a I may, I come across it a lot in beauty and fashion (my favourite vintage skirt has pink in it) and since I've not been able to avoid it entirely, I've found a way to work around it.

  • Firstly, I use multi-purpose products. I really can't see myself buying a pink anything so I get my products to multi-task. A pink blush used as an eyeshadow and a blush + lip tint or a pink lipstick/gloss used as a blush or a glossy eye look for a shoot. That kind of thing generally.
  • Secondly, I apply it with a light hand. I like to think I don't apply makeup like the regular Nigerian lady as I generally like to use a lighter hand. It is common to see me use just one eyeshadow shade on my eyes where normally, others would use 3 or even 4. Anyway, when I'm using one shade on my eyes and don't want it overpowering, I apply just a wash of it on my eyes. 
Applying a wash of colour on the eyes keeps people guessing. It's like a peek of colour on the eyes - now it's there, now it isn't.
Before you ask, a wash of colour is a swipe of colour but a bit more because we need a bit more for some colours to show up on our skin. Maybe one day I'll show you guys what I mean by a wash.

  • Thirdly, I make it monochrome. My thinking - let's just do it and get over with it. So more often than not, when I'm wearing pink, I wear pink everywhere ie. eyes, cheeks and lips. 

In this look, I used a matte pink powder blush for my eyes and cheeks. Really pigmented because I didn't use a base or primer on my eyes. On my lips, I used Blot Cosmetics Burnt (it has a way of looking pink in pictures sometimes not sure why). It was a casual day for me in tshirt but my pink monochrome makeup elevated my look sort of. 

It's on days like this that pink doesn't look so bad on my skin right?
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