My First Birthday Photoshoot | Yemi

15 Mar 2019 Lagos, Nigeria

I bet you guys were thinking I was the model when you saw the headline right? lol
Alas, not me.
But, a former colleague - now friend, requested I do a birthday shoot for her last year when she was 39. Uhm, I'll say that with every experience comes new knowledge and new learning so I've refrained from re-editing the pictures from the last year shoot, *grin*

Her 40th birthday is today so 365 days gap seems like a good time to share these pictures here and to wish her a very, very happy birthday too - Happy Birthday Mrs. Agogbua!

There was a mix of themes for this shoot but whimsical and vintage took the cake and were the stars of the shoot with some Cleopatra inspo thrown in at some point. Oh, and I did the makeup and styling for the shoot too.

Pls, pls, share your comments and feedback on the pictures and do remember to say Happy Birthday to Yemi as she turns a smokin, hot 40 today (p.s. check her out on Insta for her 40th birthday shoot images & thank me later)

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