Do You Work In Digital Marketing? Know Your Buzzwords

I actually have a day job + I've a quiz for you guys today.

That may or may not be news to some of my readers so I'll just go on with this post like I said nothing, lol

I set-up a Google alert for some topics important to my job. I try to check these everyday as you know things change with the speed of light on the internet. I opened one of these emails recently and was directed to a quiz which had some questions related to digital marketing, I took it...and of course got a 100% *grin*

Everyone in Nigeria is a digital marketer these days - even when their only claim to professionalism is having 200k followers *rolls eyes*.

But that's a conversation for another day.

If your work revolves around the internet and how to use it for marketing purposes, then you know that there are some terms we use a lot in the course of our work. These words are so important that as simple as they are, they can make or mar a project idea for a Client. So I thought it would be fun to do a quiz for you guys as well.
It's 2019 and brands are looking everywhere for the top tools, techniques, platforms and literally anything that can move them to becoming a trending brand in the internet realm.
Want them to choose you, your team or your company?
Let's see how well you know your digital marketing buzzwords first.

Lagos, Nigeria

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