How Not To Be A Sour Puss at Events/Parties


Ever been to a party or an event, you wanted to leave and for some selfish reason wanted the party to end because you were leaving? That's being a sour puss!

I'm an introvert and I say it all the time that 'outside' and I are not friends at all. If I'm out late, then it's more than 98% of the time, work-related. However, I do make the time more often than I'd like to admit, to go out when it means a lot to me - a friend, a loved one, a networking event with someone I admire or something like that. 

And most of the time, I leave before the event comes to an end.

There's a trick to leaving early without dampening the mood in the room and here are some I've learned:

  1. Let the host know you won't be staying till the end upon invitation so you don't bother them during the event and distract them from their host duties.
  2. Just leave when you are ready without making a fuss. Send a thank you message to the host the next day and apologise nicely for leaving before the end of the event.
  3. Make up an unselfish excuse (it helps if it is true. My excuse is almost always work), smile, take pictures and leave when everyone's face is turned. 
  4. Escort someone outside and leave right after them without returning to the party. Then do the same thing as you'd do in no 2. 

Anyway, I got invited to an intimate dinner party some time ago and I did no 3. I really did have work the next day so it was easy to leave early but....I took pictures with friends I saw there I hadn't seen in ages and with the celebrant as well. 

I even did a reel too, lol. Check it out below 

The point is, that courtesy should be your watchword and guide your actions at events and outings. Don't make others feel bad for having fun because you want or need to leave early. 

Have fun until you can't, and leave happily. 

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