Matte All Day With Zaron Oil Block Mattifier

15 Oct 2019 Lagos, Nigeria

I never use a primer or mattifier of any kind because I've weird combination skin that helps me not sweat or my face become oily. However, I do get a sheen on my face every now and then which means at the end of the day, I have to dab my face. does seem I've found a product that has completely eliminated the need to dab.

I've always felt primers and anything mattifying was a waste of money and product on my skin since I can carry makeup for long hours and in fact, colleagues asking if I re-applied makeup at 7pm is the norm for me. 

However, in recent times I felt like I was far away from one of my all time Nigerian brands - Zaron - so I decided to try one of their products that isn't actually makeup. My initial thought was the primer but then I was offered the Oil Block Mattifier in the store. I shrugged and felt it was worth a try. What a try it indeed was!
I don't know if anyone else has said this but this product makes me think of Milk of Magnesia. 
Does anyone remember this product? Antacid turned face primer. 
I never used MoM but it was the in thing amongst makeup bloggers and makeup fanatics way back. I remember there were other primers then but MoM was a cheap and super effective alternative to those and everyone used it.

Having to shake the Zaron Oil Block Mattifier and then have a white liquid spill into my hands solidified that thoughts and then I checked out the ingredient list and that thought turned to concrete in my head - Zaron Oil Block Mattifier is a great dupe for Milk of Magnesia (especially for us here in Nigeria who don't easily find MoM). Although I wouldn't exactly say this product is cheap, in comparison with the silicone face primers out there, it is a more affordable option and it actually does what it says.

Let's move on to me actually using it
I must admit it was weird applying a watery liquid to my face to make it matte. That's that
I know it says to only use on oily areas of the face but I used it all over my 10 hours, I didn't break a sheen once. 
Tried it the next day as well which was a 15hour work day and only about the 12th hour did any kind of sheen begin to form on my face.
There's only one thing I consider a downside though. When I use wipes to take off my makeup, my skin feels really chalky. It's not like its a horrible thing but it just feels weird.

Other than that, would I recommend the Zaron Oil Block Mattifier? Heck yeah! I most definitely would. To a professional makeup artist and a regular makeup alike.

 Below are pictures of the first day I tried the Oil Block Mattifier
10 hours after

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