Vintage Pleats and Cane

19 Aug 2019 Maryland, Lagos, Nigeria

Sundays are quite literally my favourite day of the week. This is when I really get to be myself. During the week, I can only wear a limited amount of vintage and of course, I'm restricted by colours, how I can style my hair and accessories too. 

But not on Sunday.
Although, I don't pull out the vixen with bright or dark lip colours, every other thing is pretty much perfect. Add a gingham cane bag to it and I'm in style heaven.

My family members find me weird and my Mum says if anything were ever to happen to me there'd be no one to give my clothes to as my style is just that - my style.

I recently got a couple of seperates from vintage style lovers/brands and I was super excited to try them out. I got a pure silk pleated skirt (@soulorangevintage) and a double chiffon top (@thevintagetrybe). I matched this vintage hat (@chezjumellevintage) I've had for years and the gingham cane bag I recently got from @shopkisara and these made a perfect Sunday outfit. 

Paired with a soft, clean makeup look and my hair pulled back, I got so many compliments and everyone said I positively glowed all through the service.
May I just add - this gingham cane bag from Kisara is now my go-to Church bag and I'm looking forward to owning another one.

*this is not a sponsored post as all items in this post apart from the top were purchased by me.

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