Some Eye Colour with Taos

15.7.19 Lagos, Nigeria

This post has been in my edit folder for way longer than it should. After months of longing to wear more colour on my face and not having the time to, I figured I should post this to console myself a bit, lol.

In February, during the #28daysofred series, I was gifted this palette from Taos Cosmetics. I didn't have a chance to use it during the series so I used it after. Multi-use products are a favourite of mine and I figured instead of using the palette just as an eyeshadow, I'd use it all over my face and see how it would fare as a contour, highlighter and blush alongside being an eyeshadow of course.

But let's talk about my first impression of the product and the package.
It is WHITE!!! 
Lol, the last thing I think to hold when I'm doing my makeup. I mean, no matter how careful I am or the fact that I use makeup brushes, some makeup still gets on my fingers when doing my makeup *le sigh*. That aside, the shadows are super pigmented. I mean, my arm is super hairy but even with that, the swatches showed up with just one tap on my arm. I think the fact they are so pigmented made the idea of using them for multiple things so easy to execute.
I needed to create an office worthy look so I used Anisa & Surayya on my eyes, Anisa to contour and Iyom to highlight.
The palette is a nice mix of shimmer and matte eyeshadows with one silver glitter eyeshadow which I'm just dying to try out soon enough. This is a very versatile palette which anyone - beginner to professional - can use and also for any kind of occasion too as it works for simple, elegant looks to bold, colourful looks. 
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