Lolade's Pink Story

1 May 2019 Lagos, Nigeria

I went to visit dear darling Lolade (@laulerday) when she had just hurt her leg a couple of years ago. To cheer her up I went along with a makeup bag and my camera. 

The plan was to do her makeup and take pictures of her for her which she could do whatever she wanted with. It's pretty clear I had just delved into photography about that time and wasn't experienced at all but it came alright even if I do say so myself.

I'm going to admit I can't remember how I edited the pictures because see how soft her skin is in the pictures. The softness makes it realer than ever and almost like no editing was done at all.

Is it just me or do I almost always end up shooting pink makeup somehow when I've a planned shoot with someone?
I think I know why I almost always use pink though - I'm making up for the lost years when I didn't like the colour. 

What do you think about my pink makeovers?

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