Arami Essentials Ivory Butter in Mint


For the longest time in my life I wondered how some ladies had skin that simply glowed. Their skin looked plump, healthy and 'moisturised'. I don't just mean really good skin, but there was a shine to it which didn't come from a kind of shimmer product.

That was until I discovered body butters.
Not only did I discover body butters, I kind of learnt the dos and donts of them as well when I purchased my first Arami Ivory Butter and came back one day to find it was half the quantity I left the last time I used it, lol.

But I was definitely converted to the body butter fold especially with the Arami Ivory Butter in Lavender  which was the first one I got.

I went to The Beauty Souk and at the Arami stand saw they had a new variant in Mint (I looooove mint - for hair, for fresh breath and even for the skin) I had to try it.

I just love how each and every Arami purchase comes with a lovely bible verse. Coincidentally, this peace is something I've come to experience and value more than anything else in recent times. Anything that threatens to disturb this part, I just push away.
I always feel the thoughtfulness behind the purchase of every Arami purchase (see previous ones here) Like every single ingredient was well thought out before being infused into the product.
Well done!
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