#28daysofred | Day 5 - Perfectly Imperfect Chilli

There is always so much pressure to be perfect, put together, composed and controlled that sometimes I just want to break the norm just because.

Wondering what that has got to do with this series right?
Well, it's rarely I feel that pressure to be perfect but when I did this look for the series with the Zaron Cosmetics Matte Lip Stain in Chilli and took the pictures, the pressure was like a tanker weight on me -

I was in a hurry that morning so the application wasn't perfect.
I even forgot to brush my brows.
My hair was a tad messy.
I didn't even use highlighter.
My under-eye powder wasn't blended properly.
I was having my allergies so couldn't apply foundation & powder on my nose area.
the list goes on actually, lol. But you get my drift?

I had to face the question - should I discard these pictures and re-use the lip stain on another day? or just be boldly imperfect and share them anyway?

You are reading this post now so you definitely know what I went with.
Lagos, Nigeria

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