#28daysofred | Day 6 - Passionately Yours

6 Feb 2019 Lagos, Nigeria

I just got a new vintage blouse and I've been longing to do this look since I tried it on, lol.
I was going for a more sophisticated, classic lady kind of look for today's #28daysofred post with the Clinique Passion Pop Lipstick. I picked this lipstick because although it comes across as a dark red, it has some pop to it and I really wanted a bit of shine.

This could easily have turned into a fashion post considering how hyper I was about this outfit but for series, it is always about the look. I instead put all that energy into applying a light wash of purple eyeshadow from the Sleek Makeup original palette to compliment the purple flowers on the top as well. Blush vintage earrings, a tucked in puff and highlighter finished off the look.

Or am I only person who has seen that line on my nose?

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