#28daysofred | Day 4 - Scarlet O'Hara Lip?

4 Feb 2019 Lagos, Nigeria

Have I ever used a lip crayon or Color Stick? Not sure I have. But for this look, I got to use the Blk Opl one in my collection that I've been eyeing since.
It was a work day and to show you how committed I am to this series, I take my pictures before heading out to work. My family members think I'm crazy for hauling a camera around the house before going to work but that's what we do for passion and the loyal people who are committed to consuming our content.
So on this day, I whipped out the Blk Opl Color Stick in Scarlet, I knew this was the product I wanted to use but wasn't sure what to wear. But, heck, I didn't care. Ever since I used a lip stick on Elma in the Bourgainvillea Beauty Story and she raved about how it felt on her lips, I've been wanting to try it but was looking for a reason to. Well, a series is a good enough reason.

Application was easy. The color stick is easy to use really and I didn't need a lip liner at all because of the rich colour pigmentation. It is super moisturising and has a sheen finish to it which is really lovely because it reflects light. I discovered what I like most about it when I was ready to go to work - I took a tissue and pressed onto my lips to absorb the shine and it immediately became a stain that lasted ALL DAY LONG. I ate, I drank, I kissed, I smacked my lips,...it didn't transfer, it didn't smear and at the end of the day when I was taking off my makeup, I still had to apply pressure with the wipe before it came off. 

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