Photographing Myself with the Canon rc-6

7 Jun 2018 Lagos, Nigeria

Some of you might be wondering what the purpose of this post is  but really, for me, it is the definition of a new beginning and I'll explain.

For the longest time since I had a blog, a professional camera and could do makeup, I've always looked for someone to take my pictures - for the blog and social media. But I always drew a blank. I mean, my family members are hopeless with a camera and every other person had to be paid for reasons I'm yet to understand for real.

I'm not sure why I totally blanked it out or if there was a particular reason but it just never occurred to me to look for a remote control for my camera. I really think it is because mine is the entry level t3i. It can't connect to my phone and has so many features missing that I guess I just thought there was no need.

Alas, a couple of months ago I became frantic. My blog and social media has been suffering, I used to use my iPhone5 but the screen cracked and I just had so many other pressing things to attend to I didn't give fixing the screen a thought - thus my social media suffered as well. Anyway, I began to scour the internet for a remote control for my camera. There has been so much advancement that there had to be one right? And there was. Actually, there are 4 options now, lol. I went for a small, cute option and just tested it out today (yes, same day as this post which hasn't happened in eons)
On my way to work, I did a little detour, came out of the car and set up the camera and tripod. I had a one-man audience but I was too excited about the fact that I could any kind of pictures I wanted to pack up out of shyness and it was an awesome opportunity to show-off my 10months old hair too *grin*
I'm really looking forward to creating more content now I can do it all myself (including videos too yes). If for any reason at all you want me to do a post about the remote control, how it works and how I use it, keep in mind that it might be tough cos I've no one to help with a second camera but you let me know and I'll be sure to come up with something.

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