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22 May 2018 Lagos, Nigeria

My hair is growing in leaps and bounds. It seems just like yesterday when the most I could do was sponge twists and now I can do a mohawk and even pack my hair into a puff.

I'm so excited about it.
Lol, considering I've had hair length that was 5 times more than this my excitement doesn't quite strike a cord does it?

Well, I got tired of a side part, sponge twist and of course a baby fro so I one day, I decided to get out my old satin belt & give a puff a whirl. At first I had to hold down my back hair with a bunch of bobby pins, but a couple of days later & with the help of a dollop of Ecostyler, my back hair stays up just fine in the puff.

Next up, I'll show you guys my TWA mohawk. Reminds of abou 5 years ago when a mohawk was the only style I knew how to create with my natural hair

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